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The purpose of this Webquest is to learn about and have fun with mousetrap cars.  The rules and requirements for creating a mousetrap car depend on your teacher.  Generally, however, the only requirement  is that the car be propelled by a mousetrap.  Your car might be graded for speed, distance, appearance, or any other number of crazy ideas your teacher might come up with.
On this Webquest you can go to the PHOTO GALLERY to check out some of the cars that other students have done.  These are cars created by middle and high school students.  Some of these were even made by professionals who are selling kits to help you build your car.

You might still be confused about how you will accomplish this task, but don't worry!!!  You should relax and really just try to have fun with this project.  If you need some ideas on what you will use, check out this link to see what are some of the MATERIALS that you can use to build your car.


Now for you more advanced students who really want to know what makes these puppies go, check the SCIENCE BEHIND IT.  There really is a lot of thinking that goes into making a car goes faster or further.  There are a lot of other parts that can be added to your car while still following the guidelines.
Rules: (These are just general rules and your teacher or school may have different requirements)
1) Build a car that will move when a mousetrap is sprung (the trap must be part of the car and move with the car).
2) Winners will be the cars that move the furthest and/or the fastest.
3) No other means of locomotive power are legal.
4) Each class will have "time trials" during class.
5) The finals will be held outside of the room, in the main hall, right after school.
6) No team efforts.  (You may work together but each student must have his/her own car.)
7) Rubber bands, elastics, etc. are not legal in propelling  the car.
8) The fastest car will be determined by measuring the time over a distance of 4 meters.
9) The furthest car will be determined by measuring the distance until the car comes to a hault.



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November 03, 2003