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Suggested Grade Level: 8-10 physical science

Science Content Standards: 

Science-Grade 8-Physical Sciences

     1b Average speed is the total distance traveled divided by the total time elapsed. The speed of an object along the path traveled can vary. 

Science-Grade 8-Physical Sciences

     1c How to solve problems involving distance, time, and average speed. 

Science-Grade 8-Physical Sciences

     1d To describe the velocity of an object one must specify both direction and speed. 

Science-Grade 8-Physical Sciences

     1e Changes in velocity can be changes in speed, direction, or both. 

Science-Grade 8-Physical Sciences

     1f How to interpret graphs of position versus time and speed versus time for motion in a single direction. 

Science-Grade 8-Investigation and Experimentation

     9f Apply simple mathematical relationships to determine one quantity given the other two (including speed = distance/time, density = mass/volume, force = pressure x
     area, volume=area x height). 

Science-Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12-Physical Sciences

     1a How to solve problems involving constant speed and average speed. 

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California Content Standards Grades K-12 - Science - PDF Format

Students need a basic background in graphing, and a basic understanding of motion  speed and velocity 


Interpreting data, making inferences, forming hypotheses, making predictions, graphing. 
Presentations -PowerPoint 
Computer literacy. 
Effective use of Internet resources.


  1. crossword puzzle with vocabulary words, 
  2. graphs showing constant velocity, acceleration, deceleration
  3. Worksheet with 5 word problems on speed.
  4. lab writeup on lab animating motion
  5. lab in class on car speed and velocity


Make a presentation in Powerpoint explaing speed and velocity.
Design a lab to show the velocity of an object and graph results.

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August 16, 2002