Chemical Reactions 

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  • Students will learn about atoms, matter and chemical reactions. 
  • Students will practice the scientific method by completing an experiment on chemical reactions. 
  • Students will complete a quiz to test their knowledge of atoms, matter and chemical reactions. 
Resources Needed:
  • Shockwave
  • Specific materials for experiment chosen, materials will vary based on experiment.
Your Task: 
  • Read the background material provided.
  • Complete activity 1, watch a movie and test your knowledge.
  • Complete activity 2 by choosing one of the experiments offered and completing it using the scientific method. 
  • Write about your experiment.  Make sure to include an inquiry question, prediction, materials, procedure, data/observations, and conclusion.
  • Complete activity 3, play a riddle game.
  • Complete the final quiz.
  • Extensions: Explore the periodic table or make a crossword using the puzzlemaker link.


All matter is composed of molecules. Molecules are composed of atoms, which consist of a nucleus surrounded by a
cloud of electrons. The nucleus is composed of protons and neutrons, which are themselves composed of quarks. 

For more in depth information on atoms click here!
For the history of the Periodic Table click here!

Extension: Explore the Periodic Table 

Matter can be changed or combined in different ways, by:

  •  Physical mixture - in which the molecules remain unchanged but are moved around to form mixtures, solutions,

  • and colloids (for example, water and salt form salty water and molecules of nitrogen, oxygen and other gases form
 Fact: Mixtures and solutions can be separated.

Click here to play the game, "Junkyard Analysis".  Identify mixtures and solutions!

Air is a mixture!

  • Chemical reactions - which the atoms to form different molecules (for example, molecules of gaseous hydrogen can 

  • be combined with molecules of gaseous oxygen to form liquid water) 
Water is the product of a chemical reaction!


Chemical Reactions:

A chemical reaction occurs when two or more chemical substances are mixed together. This means that the atoms that were joined together in the original substances
break apart and rearrange themselves to make a new substance, one or more substances may be transformed into one or more new
substances. This new substance is quite different from the original substances.

Reactant + Reactant ----> Product

Some products of chemical reactions are heat, light, sound and changes in color.

Chemical reactions are classified according to the kind of change that takes place.

Examples of Chemical Reactions:

    A sparkler contains magnesium. This, when lit, reacts with oxygen in the air and produces light and heat. 

The chemicals inside a rocket, when lit, react with the oxygen in the air and produce heat, light and sound.
Activity #1

Click here to watch a movie about compounds and mixtures and test your knowledge.


Activity #2
Click here and choose an experiment to complete. Click here and choose an experiment to complete.
Activity #3
Click here to solve the chemical reaction riddles. Reaction Riddles

Final QuizFinal Quiz

Click here to make your own puzzles.
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