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Bats are puzzling creatures.  They are one of nature's most beneficial, harmless, and intriguing mammals. 
There are nearly 1,000 kinds of bats, comprising nearly a fourth of all mammal species.  Learn about the valuable role that bats play in the ecosystem.


Resources Needed: 
Access to the Internet.

Your Task: 

Visit the sites below to learn more about bats.

Basically Bats - bat facts

List 10 interesting bat facts.

Take a virtual field trip to the Carlsbad Caverns.

Radar follows bats in Texas as they gorge on crop pests.

For fun facts, to see a video, and hear vampire bats.

What are some misconceptions about bats?

What is the value of bats in the ecosystem?

Why do you think bats have a negative image in some people's minds?

With what mammals are bats most closely associated?

Here is a word puzzle to test your knowledge.

Create a crossword puzzle to help others increase their understanding and dispel myths about bats.

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Bat Film


Visit The Buzbee Bat House.  Demonstrate your knowledge by creating a PowerPoint presentation.

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