It's a Frog's Life Teacher Notes


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Kristen Liesch
Ocean View School District 

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UCI Summer Science Institute WebQuests - 2001

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Suggested Grade Level: 1 to 2 ?? 

   Science Content Standards:

           *Grade 1: Life Science  (2a, b, c, d)
           *Grade 1: Investigation and Experimentation (4a, b) 
           *Grade 2: Life Science (2a,b,c,d,) 
           *Grade 2: Investigation and Experimentation (4a,d, f,i,g) 

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       *You will need to set up an aquarium which should contain 10-15 tadpoles.  These can be
       purchased through Xenopus.

     *Students need a basic understanding of both a tadpole environment as well as a frog 

     *Students will need  basic computer and internet  skills.  A good web site to consult prior to 
       using this Web Quest is  Little Explorers.



         *Students need basic computer skills.
       *Students need a basic understanding of how to work the internet.
       *Students need to know how to record their observations.
       *Students will need the ability to be a creative writer.
       *Students should be able to comprehend what they read.
       *Students will the basic understanding of how to complete a crossword puzzle.


Possible assessments are as follows:

        *Frog E-mail stories
        *Oral presentation of their frog stories 
        *Fill in the blank questions about the frog life cycle
        *Written observations and sketches in their unit portfolio
        *Colored and labeled picture of the frog life cycle.
        *Students will draw and label a frog life cycle book depicting the various developmental 


      * Color the Mr. or Mrs. Frog page in the Frog Gale Color book
       * Make an origami frog.
       * Print out the directions to make a Froggy Cake at home.  With an adults help complete the    
         directions and either take a picture of the cake or bring the cake into class.

Good luck baking.

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August 7, 2001