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Teacher Notes - Flowers

Created by: Pat Ritter
Diocese of Orange
Suggested Grade Level: 3 or 4

Science Content Standards:

Grade 3 -  Life Science 3-a. 
Grade 3 -  Investigation and Experimentation  5-b and 5-e.

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Students need a basic background in lab procedures, co-operative team 
(time keeper, supplies, clean-up) and a basic understanding of plants 
(roots, stem, leaf, flower).

Computer literacy.
Effective use of Internet resources.
Building of vocabulary for life science.
Life science content.
Practice of dissection skills.
Cross-curricular - language arts - vocabulary.

Student worksheet, team produced flower project
Bonus points- Crossword puzzle.

Students will be able to dissect different flowers.
Field trip walk to gather flowers for dissections.
Students can create Word Searches and Double Puzzles

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 August 21, 1999
Revised August 9, 2000