Frogs - Science Web Quest
Created by: Beth Zemke, Irvine Unified School District, Irvine, California
Area of Study:   FROGS
FOR TEACHERS:  This lesson was developed for fifth and sixth graders to work on independently.   For a variety of reasons, a handful of students in my class do not choose to dissect frogs with the class during the regular class session.  This lesson was developed for those students to work on during these class periods.  It can of course be used for any purpose you have in mind.  Although I developed it for a 2 hour period, it can last for much longer.  I have created worksheets for use with Quests #1 and #2 (scavenger hunt and frog anatomy).  You are welcome to them.  Contact me at and I will be glad to e-mail or snail mail them to you.  :-) 
Objective: Students  will develop an appreciation for the role frogs and other amphibians play in their ecosystems and learn about the anatomy of the frog.
Web Quests # 1 -3 Frogs
     Every day new species of frogs disappear from our planet forever.  Frogs are extremely sensitive to changes in the environment.  The rapid disappearance of many species of frogs is a sure sign that there are some serious environmental problems.
     Follow the scavenger hunt, do some exploring of your own, and discover many interesting and useful facts about frogs and other amphibians.
     See how capable you are of dissecting a frog and putting it back together.
     Play a game designed to increase your understanding of simple frog behaviors like eating, jumping, and survival.
     Now maybe you too can help protect some species of frogs.
Web Quests 1 - 3
(1) Take a tour of Frogland
Step 1:  Obtain a Scavenger Hunt worksheet (optional).
Step 2:  Click on the first link below and visit each site in any order you
Step 3:  Complete the scavenger hunt page if directed to by your teacher.
Step 4:  In order to get back here the internet address is printed at the top of
             the scavenger hunt page.
Step 5:  Check out Jurassic Frog.  It's interesting.

Click on the links below Frog Land Extensive Site Jurassic Frog 
While taking this gigantic tour of Frogland, follow the scavenger hunt page.  You must return this page to your teacher and tell him/her a frog joke at the same time.
(2) Virtual frog dissection.
Step 1:  Obtain a frog anatomy worksheet.
Step 2:  Click on the first link below.
Step 3:  You should be able to work on the Virtual Frog Dissection (click on
             the frog at the top of the web page) and the Virtual Frog Builder
             (mentioned in the second paragraph or the fourth blue phrase on the
             web page).  The Virtual Frog Builder will test your knowledge
             developed during the Virtual Frog Dissection.
Step 4:  The four "Whole.Frogs" from "george" illustrate different sections of
             the frog and will help you fill in the labels on the frog anatomy
Click on the link below Virtual Frog Dissection Virtual Frog Builder  Organ System  Digestive System  Nervous System  3D View of Internal Structures 
     By the end of this activity, you should be able to assemble and disassemble any frog or toad  living in our world.
(3) Jumping Java Frog Game.
Step 1:  Click on the link below.
Step 2:  Read the directions for the game.
Step 3:  Play the game. 
I could not keep my frog alive long enough to jump in the pond and keep away from the predator.  I wish you better luck.

Click on the link below

Enrichment  - make an Origami Jumping Frog

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Created August 6th, 1998 
Revised March, 5, 2000