Introduction to computers Introduction to Computers
Hayward Adult School

Greg Sheppard 

Learn how use a PC with confidence!
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Course Overview
This course covers how computers work, computer functions, hardware, software and peripherals. Students will learn to use the Windows operating system, including file management, computer trouble shooting and maintenance.  Students will learn how to effectively use the Internet, create an email account and be introduced MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Instruction is hands-on teacher facilitated learning. 
Students will work as a class, and in small groups as we complete projects and activities.
The main word to describe this course is FUN!

This course is a prerequisite for many CTE certificate programs offered at Hayward Adult School, but can be taken by anyone who wants to move into the digital age of using computers in their daily lives for business or pleasure.

Regular attendance is required. 
Students will demonstrate mastery of skills by completing small projects, culminating in a small group PowerPoint presentation.

Both formal evaluation and informal evaluation will be used.

USB flash drive
Introduction to Computers - handbook (available at the bookstore for $3.00)

Schedule You can always get to the course schedule by clicking on the Schedule link at the top left and bottom left of every page.

Classes are Monday through Thursday - 6:30 PM  – 9:05 PM

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